December 30, 2012


I'm currently at Palmer Station Antarctica until early May 2013.

From 2010 Here are the stories that I wrote during my summer season at the South Pole 2009/2010

Colorado Time

Chile and Palmer Station Time

New Zealand, McMurdo and South Pole Time

So I'm working on getting things updated, and caught up, but it will take some time. Below is much of my older stories and travels.

In the mean time about the few other things I have running here are:

APRS for Western Colorado and Eastern Utah           My old listing of Aircraft crashes around Aspen and Glenwood Springs

My travels

My travels to Antarctica
The original web page - 1998-1999 Summer Season
My travels to Antarctica!- The sequel
1999-2000 Austral Summer
My New Zealand Photo Album  March/April 2000
May, June, July, August 2000 - Alaska
Along the Alaska Highway
National Park
My first weekend trip
Weekend in Seward North to the Arctic Ocean Off to the Mines
Kennicott & McCarthy
More Antarctic Stories and Photos to come.
Palmer Station 2008 - The little I've done, but it does include Glacier Calving videos.
Latest web cam image from Palmer Station, Antarctica
From the US Antarctic Program Website

More on the way...
Where have I last been heard from? (Your are looking for the icon labeled n0nhj (my ham radio call sign)     The tracking page