Christchurch, New Zealand
Week 2!

The program set several new records set for how far behind the movement of people became. Flights went out on an almost daily basis, but all returned without landing at McMurdo Station. It was 8 days between successful flights while I was waiting in Christchurch.

The second week we were not quite as lucky, as the weather in 'cheech' went downhill. A lot cooler, and quite a bit more rain. The local ranchers and farmers were quite happy, they had been quite dry, and the Sunday rain, was the heaviest for the year.

Christchurch is commonly abbreviated ChCh in the local papers, hence the many of the Americans from the program refer to it as cheech.

There was a good 'bake house' on the far side of the arts center from the Y. There were several of us that met there in the mornings for coffee, and muffins (they had a pumpkin, chocolate chip muffin I became fond of).

The rainy weekend was a good time for museums. The Canterbury Museum at the entrance to the botanical gardens, was a good choice after picking up my per diem. They have a large area on the early explorers to Antarctica. It is truly amazing how much they accomplished with so little technology in the late 1800's, and early 1900's.

A short bus ride from downtown, is the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum. Though it is a little smaller than a lot of museums in the U.S., it was very well done. It provided a lot of information on New Zealandís history of flight, and involvement in World War II.

Sunday, Bruce and I traveled back out to Lyttleton, to a small local museum there. It contained a lot of artifacts from some of the early explorers. One thought I had while there, was how scary it was to see a 'biscuit' that was 80 some years old that looked perfect, like it had just come out of the can!

Monday and Tuesday were quiet days for getting laundry done, and just hanging out. I'd seen most of the sights in Christchurch and with only finding out the night before that you had the following day off, made it difficult to get very far out of town.

Tuesday evening it finally happened. The infamous 'flight 2' that had been trying to get to the ice for two weeks had made it.

I decided one more pass through the botanic gardens was in order before we departed. Bruce Blackburn's page has some great pictures.

That put my group 'on deck' the note posted at the Y had my name on it, and a 4:45 AM reporting time at the CDC. The had already made arrangements to have a shuttle pick us up at 4:15 the next morning.

It was our turn.

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