Crater Hill

From near the top of Crater Hill, with McMurdo and
the Royal Society Range in the background.

Crater Hill is the highest point near the town, so, of course it has radio equipment on it, and we seem to make regular trips up there.

We have a great view of town, and the Ross Sea from up here.

That's me with Mount Erebus (an active volcano & the highest point on the Island - over 12,000') in the background (Looking North).

Another view of Erebus from the middle of the ridge, looking past the differential GPS Station, and Kiwi Survey Marker.

The top of the hill is about 1000 feet above sea level. If we're lucky and a snowcat is available, we can drive most the way, and then do the hike for the last 200 yards, and 200 feet of elevation.

Town is just to the right of the photo. The Snowcat is parked next to the New Zealand Radio Site. The Brown Building contains the central part of the radio telephone system I work on.

It was a good day, and the end of the week. We work a 54 hour work week. Six days of 9 hours per day, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, with an hour off for lunch.

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