My travels and experiences.

These are the stories and photos of my first visit to Antarctica during the southern summer of 1998-1999. Although I never really finished the story, I'm back on the 'Ice' as of October of 1999, and am updating a yet another series of stories. For my second trip south check out:

You're going where?     How all this came to be         Created 9/12/98
The Process How things are supposed to happen       Created 10/7/98
Travels Getting to the other side of the World       Created 10/12/98
Christchurch The Garden City - Photos!       Created 10/12/98
Christchurch - Week 2 Rain!       Updated 10/25/98
Boomerang Misery loves company Updated 10/17/98
Try Again Another attempt Updated 10/30/98
McMurdo 'town' Created 10/30/98
Week 1 The Start Created 11/11/98
1882 Mountain Tops Created 11/12/98
Crater Hill Ross Island Created 11/17/98
Siple Dome Field Camp Created 11/29/98
Thanksgiving at Siple Dome Updated 12/4/98
Failure and headed to the Pole Updated 12/4/98
The Pole as far south as you can go Created 12/9/98
The Continent Size does matter Created 12/9/98
The Sequel return to the pole Created 1/10/99
Dome for the Holidays Christmas at Siple Dome Created 1/10/99
Icestock and chili cookoff Created 1/10/99
Black Island the 20 minute commute Created 1/10/99
Winter Over the offer that can't be refused? Created 1/10/99