January 24th, 2009

South Pole Station, Antarctica
Chuck Kimball's
Austral Summer 2009-2010

New Zealand, McMurdo and South Pole - Current Time

Race around the World

An annual event at the pole is the Race Around the World.   This years race was the day after Christmas, part of our two day weekend. Being at the South Pole we can run through all the degrees of longitude pretty easily. This years course actually covered 2.4 miles by making 2 laps.

This years race included a pass around the dome that was in the process of deconstruction at the time.

It was a rather cool day, (as most are at the pole), but we had almost no wind. It's another fun community event, as there is a wide assortment of entries. There are a group of serious runners who are actually competing, those that bring a vehicle to race with, and those that are there just to have fun.

It's amazing the creativity that shows up.

I found the Ice Cube crew's entry the most impressive.

Others decided to enjoy the trip, and brought the bar with them for the journey.

Just because you're being towed by a snowmobile doesn't mean you can't get your exercise anyway. (That's an exercise bicycle).

The balloon gondola was left here years ago by a tourist group.

Of course there are many more that run or walk the race, and a few of them dress up for the occasion.

A member of the fuels crew accompanied by a giant whoopie cushion.

And some other assorted costumes.

And we're off.

And of course the volunteers to provide traffic control...

Well, the lead runners completed the course in just over 22 minutes. I walked most of it, and spent a fair bit of time taking pictures, but still finished at 46:01, and got my free tee shirt.

A sucessful race, and it was time for brunch.

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