March 30, 2008

Palmer Station, Antarctica 2007/2008 Austral Summer
Glacier Calving

Typically later in the summer we start to see evidence of a large amount of calving of the glacier across Arthur Harbor from station. My office has a window that faces the glacier, but my desk faces the other wall, so I don't have much of a chance to see the actual falling ice. Very typically, I hear the crash and jump up to see the wave, and some bergy bits floating away.

These were taken from my office window, there is no sound since the camera was inside. I rarely happen to be looking out the window at the right time, so I setup the camera and just let it run on a day there was lots of calving, and then pulled out the 5 minutes of action from the 6 hours of tape.

#2 - and the hole keeps getting bigger

#3 - The little stuff leads to the big stuff

#4 - And a bit more

#5 - And the next morning the big one

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