I remember when I was still in Aspen, and Bob Zook's page showed a lot of party pictures, that one of my co-workers made a comment about the serious partying going on. Well, we work hard, so I guess it follows that we play hard. Each department or work group has a station wide party about every two weeks. Arriving late, I had missed the Carpenter Shop party, so my first party on station was Holloween.

It was a little wilder affair than last year. I hadn't had much time to prepare, so I didn't really dress up. However many others took it a lot more seriously.

Of course we had the usual costumes - The pirate and his parrot....

Another Favorite - The Grim Reaper, but with an Antarctic touch - yes that's a penguin

We had a couple of versions of the 'one night stand'

And Bob Zook showed up in his russian pressure suit.

Bob made the front page of the next morning's Antarctic Sun, and that in turn led to it being picked up by USA Today. Our Halloween was Saturday night so everyone could recover on Sunday.

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