Odd 'n Ends, and Change

Yes there really is a lot more than just the work and parties. One of the other things I got involved in during the season was the McMurdo Historical Society.

The Historical Society is attempting to preserve the more recent history of the McMurdo area. One of the projects for this year was creating a time capsule. The 1999-2000 season seamed like a good time to put something away for the future, so we solicited donations from the community. The Capsule is actually a large box, which will be built into the new deck on the NSF Office space at the Chalet. Our intent was for the capsule not to be opened for at least 25 years.

One of the reasons for my wanting to get back from the South Pole was to make the last meeting (The other was the last bingo game of the season). All of the items for the time capsule, and the other items that the Society has gathered over the years were brought out for everyone to see.


There have been a lot of interesting artifacts collected over the past few years. Ed Anderson who has been coming down to the ice for many years has done an excellent job of collecting items and getting them put away.

There were a lot of interesting items that have been collected for the society, and for the time capsule.


Every couple of weeks on Saturday afternoon they usually hold an 'all-hands' meeting to discuss the recent news, dispel the rumors and try to keep everyone up to date. The gym is the only facility large enough so it has that high school feel of sitting on the gym floor to listen to the managers and the NSF representatives speak.

All Hands

By mid January the changes around town become pretty dramatic. By late November, or early December town is itself melts out and a most of the snow disappears on the ground. But the most dramatic changes happen as the water opens up. Here are a set of photos from a couple of different angles of Hut Point.

January 1st
Hut Point January 1st

January 13th
Hut Point January 13th

February 5th
Hut Point February 5th

February 19th
Hut Point February 19th

February 19th   Definitely a spectacular place.
Royal Society Range - February 19th

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