Gong Show, Ships, and Bingo

We have an excellent staff in MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) Department. They do a great job of trying to keep people occupied, and having fun.

Friday the 14th of January, they hosted the McMurdo Version of the Gong Show. The biggest problem at these events is having enough room for the spectators. It is almost always standing room only.

We had a wide assortment of acts.



The Grand Finale was the Women's Orange Bag Wrestling. Two of the smaller gals fit inside the orange duffle bags that are issued to everyone for their gear on the way down. Armholes allow them to wrestle while inside the bag. The Wrestling match even included an MC, and the round girl.


For the starting round, the managers carried the bags around the ring.


Great time was had by all, it kept everyone's attention.

Bright and early Monday Morning the M/V Richard G. Matthiesen (the Fuel Tanker) arrived. There had been a little concern earlier in the season when they were talking about being short on fuel. The rumor mill had reports that we would run out before the tanker arrived, but that wasn't the case. It was just a little closer than normal. Next year they will have completed several new fuel tanks and the tanker will only have to make the trip every other year, which will save the program almost a millon dollars a year.

We go through a little fuel each year. The 2000 delivery consisted of: 3,897,401 gallons of AN8; 3,105,571 gallons of JP5; and 295,742 gallons of Gasoline.

M/V Richard G. Matthiesen

M/V Richard G. Matthiesen

About every other week, on Wednesday, Recreation hosts bingo. This week the theme was Crazy Hat Bingo. (During the season we also had Christmas Bingo, Travel Bingo, etc.).



Earlier in the season I had won a couple of different weeks. Both times I ended up with a tee shirt. The past few games haven't gone as well, but it's always a lot of fun.

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