IceStock 2000

The big event of New Years Day is always Icestock. The local bands that have come together during the season perform for an afternoon of music, and the annual Chili Cookoff.

Chili Cookoff Chili Cookoff

The event started with a lone bag piper (cause that's all there was on station) marching into the event.

Bag Piper

A good time is had a lot of different ways. Several of the Chili teams go all out with their theme.



Got Good Gas!
Marble Point is the Helicopter refueling station about 50 miles north of McMurdo.

The Kiwi's did an encore performance of the 'Haka' Haka

Homecomming Queens


We had an annual visit from Baby New Year, who made several predictions. Jay Burnside

And before the day was out, we even had some body surfing going on. Jump

All in all a great day, the weather could have been better, but everyone had a great time. We even had Sunday off to recover.

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