Mount Terror

The couple of weeks after Thanksgiving were rather uneventful. I wasn't scheduled to travel anywhere, but a problem came up with a radio repeater, and I was on for the next day - Mt. Terror.

Despite it's ominous name, there is really nothing special about the Mountain. Many of the Mountains around the Ross Sea are named after the ships of the early expeditions - Discovery, Aurora, Terror, Erebus. Hence, we have all of these as names of the mountains in the area. I've not heard the history of the ships to know where the name came from.

Mt. Terror is only about 20 miles from McMurdo, but it is slightly above 10,758 feet in elevation. (McMurdo sits at sea level).

Photo Mt. Terror as we approach.

The helicopter lands a few hundred feet below the ridgeline, and we have to do a short hike up to the site. But once on top, we have a view to the north, and can see the open water of the ocean.

Photo Photo

Of course there was some actual work to be done. That's Bruce Blackburn in there somewhere.


We needed to make it a quick trip, they had squeezed us in, on a tight helicopter schedule, and the group that needed to be picked up after us was waiting, so within 35 minutes of landing, we got our hero shots, and back on our way.


The Erebus Ice Tongue stands out quite nicely. It is the flow of the glacier off of Mt. Erebus. Photo

Our pilot gave us the IMAX ride on the way down. This was the day I wished I had the video camera with me, but of course it was back in the room. The photos don't even begin to do justice to the ride.





It's always a lot more interesting to look down into a Crevasse Photo


Well we made it back to town, and it was back to the office grind, at least for a while.

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