The Sequel - Summer 1999-2000

I've returned from yet another season. Here are the stories of my adventures on the coldest, driest, highest Continent on the earth.

My other Ice pages: First Season 1998-1999     Coming Soon - my three peat - returning on the winter flight in August 2000.

Ready, Set...     "He said he wasn't going back"         Created 10/17/99
Go!     The Return Trip         Created 10/17/99
ECW     Extreme Cold Weather Gear         Created 10/24/99
Christchurch     New Zealand         Created 10/31/99
South     To the Ice         Created 11/7/99
Settling In     Return to McMurdo         Created 11/7/99
Halloween     The start of the Party Season         Created 11/27/99
Cape Evans     Field Trip         Created 11/27/99
Mt. Brooke     First Helo Flight         Created 12/2/99
Byrd Surface Camp     Carl Dish and the dog         Created 12/9/99
Thanksgiving               Created 11/27/99
Mount Terror     Not as bad as it sounds         Created 12/17/99
Day Off     Lazy Sundays         Created 12/19/99
Mount Aurora     Any Volunteers?         Created 12/19/99
Holidays     Christmas & New Years on Ice         Created 1/15/00
IceStock     & Chili Cookoff         Created 1/15/00
Return to Terror     Best Day Ever         Created 1/30/00
Balloons     & other unusual objects         Created 2/5/00
Gong Show     Ships & Bingo         Created 2/8/00
Russian's     hit the beach         Created 2/13/00
Round Trip to the Pole     The bottom of the world         Created 2/15/00
Odd 'n Ends     and Change         Created 2/20/00
Double Day     Two Mountains         Created 2/20/00
Ship Off Load               Created 2/23/00
End of the Summer Season     Where is that plane?         Created 2/23/00

This is my second year on the ice.
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