Aircraft Crashes

For many years, I've been involved in Search & Rescue in Central Colorado. I've always found aircraft searches to be very interesting (I know, I'm weird).   I ended up visiting the B-17 Crash Site in July of 1991, during the search for another missing aircraft, the debris had been spotted but needed to be checked out.   I've visited the site a couple of times to re-mark the wreckage, and to take some historians to the site (they provided the newpaper articles on the two 1940's military crashes).

I've created these pages to compile the information I've gathered on crashes in the area, and provide a place for me to put my notes on the incidents that I participated in. Most of these consist of a map of the area of the crash, and the NTSB summary.


Click on the date to get to the page for that crash. The location name is a link to the Census map server, and the NTSB report takes you direct to the NTSB report without my comments. (3/08 Sorry - NTSB links are broken they changed their filing system).
November 18, 1943 Near Adams Lake (Flat Tops) B-26 Bomber 5 Fatalities  
October 26, 1948 Near Haystack Gate B-17 Bomber Crew of
4 Parachutes
to Safety
February 7, 1983 Galena Mountain Navion 2 Fatal NTSB Report
February 15, 1983 East of Aspen Cessna 340 4 Fatal NTSB Report
March 30, 1983 Sardy Field STINSON 108-2 1 Minor Injury NTSB Report
November 13, 1983 Chicago Ridge
nr Camp Hale
Cessena 182
Cortez Bird Hunters
4 Fatal NTSB Report
December 14, 1983 Mt Democrat USAF Ret.
Cessena 182P
3 Fatal NTSB Report
December 23, 1983 Sardy Field Cessena 421 1 Minor Injury
Landed Short
NTSB Report
July 15, 1984 Near Carbondale P-51 Acrobatic Manuevers 2 Fatal NTSB Report
September 17, 1984 Nr Independence Pass Cessena 172 2 Serious Injuries NTSB Report
December 8, 1984 South of Meeker Cessena 210
FBI Agent
1 Fatal NTSB Report
March 21, 1985 Beaver Creek Ski Area Piper PA-28 2 Fatal NTSB Report
March 30, 1985 Sardy Field Cessna 402 No Injuries NTSB Report
May 2, 1985 Glenwood Springs Airport Cessna 150
Basketball Court
1 Serious Injury NTSB Report
July 12, 1985 Near Aspen Piper PA-28 1 Fatal, 1 Injuried NTSB Report
October 6, 1985 Nr Independence Pass Cessna 177 2 Serious Injuries NTSB Report
October 11, 1985 White Owl Lake
Flat Tops
Cessna 180 4 Fatal NTSB Report
April 27, 1990 Lonesome Lake Sweet Adalines 6 Fatal NTSB Report
February 1, 1998 Near Turquoise Lake UH-60 Black Hawk 6 Injuried